GIC VFB 4000


GIC VFB 4000

Rotherham, United Kingdom


GIC VFB 4000 Vertical Form Fill & Seal Machine,  Inverter controlled twin belt transport system, Pneumatically operated horizontal seal jaws, PLC Control system, Horizontal jaw obstruction detector, Touch-screen operator interface, Three separate heater controllers, Reel run out Sensor, Stainless steel and black hard anodised aluminium construction, Hand-wheel Adjustment for quick tracking of wrapping material Sevo motor driven transport and horizontal sealing jaws, Full stainless steel construction, Polyethylene sealing system (impulse welding) Print Registration unit The GIC4000 has been used in the following applications. Fresh & Frozen Produce | Snacks & Confectionery | Industrial Hardware | Pulses & Powders | Liquids Year of manufacture - 2003


Output10 - 50 bags/min